Marketing and advertising are usually big challenges in small business. Most entrepreneurs understand they need to do it, but if you’ve just put all your money into starting your company, where are you supposed to find thousands of dollars to create an advertising budget? And where will you find the time to strategize ad buys and a good media mix? While these are important big-picture conversations for further down the road, you might be surprised how quickly and cheaply you can hit the ground running with video marketing.

Even Average Videos Have Good ROI

Of course, having a sharp, slick video produced by an advertising agency is nice and effective. But nowadays, you can still make eye-catching videos on a shoestring budget. In fact, with graphic video templates available at very low prices, and editing software and cameras becoming easier to use and cheaper, you may be able to do it yourself. It’s even possible to fully produce an edited video on a smartphone! The important thing to remember is that simple video is still effective and builds engagement and has a comparable ROI to more highly produced video marketing.

Video Covers All the Advertising Senses

If you do have an advertising budget, digital or broadcast video marketing has proven to be more effective as a sole choice in a media mix than print or radio. That’s because it can have the written information of print in graphics, the voice, and music of radio, and the strong, striking visuals of the video. Combined, it is the best of all three worlds.

Video Boosts SEO Rankings and Social Media Algorithms

Google and Facebook love video content. Have you ever noticed that you get more “likes” for videos you post to social media than simple statuses without video attached? That’s because social platforms recognize that people like to watch and engage with videos. This keeps them on their sites longer and keeps them coming back. The same is true for search engines; video is rich content that users crave.

Explainer Videos Lead to Conversions and Sales

We talked earlier about ROI. Studies have shown that videos which explain what products are, or demos of what they do, lead to high conversion rates and sales, relative to the low cost of production. Give your audience video content that they see as useful and informative (and not just a sales pitch) and they’re more likely to buy.

In 21st century marketing, content is king, and video content is the kingliest kind!