When you’re trying to reach local customers, you need to turn to a specific avenue of SEO for success. Traditional SEO isn’t targeted enough. Instead, you need to implement the best local SEO techniques. Whether you’re just getting started or want to increase your search results, the following tips can help you be more effective online.

Create a Google My Business Listing

The first step in a successful local SEO campaign is taking advantage of the power of Google My Business. This online repository of information is essential for making sure Google users can find your business during searches. For example, if someone is searching for “best Italian restaurants in San Francisco,” Google pulls from registered businesses when deciding which businesses to display. It often links these results to Google Maps, potentially helping local customers find you even more easily.

Include City Pages on Your Website

Something that more businesses are realizing is the importance of location pages on their company website. In addition to product pages and service pages, you need to create general pages for each of the cities you serve. If you’re established in a large metropolitan area, for example, you may want to create location pages detailing your services for each of the suburbs. That way, when someone from one of these suburbs searches for the type of service you provide, it’s more likely that Google will display your business in results.

Mention Specific City Names in Keywords

While you don’t want to keyword stuff, smart use of location-based keywords can be very effective with search engines. In fact, this is one of the main pillars of local SEO techniques. Examples of this type of keyword would be “plumbers San Antonio, TX” and “best landscaping service in Dallas TX.” These longtail keywords signal Google as to the type of audience your content is intended for.

Always Use Location Signals in Content

Besides keywords with city names and states, you can also include smart local references. These location signals are effective in targeting local clients with Google Search. In addition, they help to tailor your content to a local audience. Mention well-known landmarks, such as lakes, hotels, restaurants, parks and other places that your audience is familiar with. It’s more effective to describe specifics when selling products to local customers, such as mentioning spending a warm day in the sun at White Lake instead of just talking about summer weather.

This type of local SEO is effective for making sure your message reaches the right people. Make the most of this tool.