If your business is not taking advantage of social media advertising, you are missing out on a golden opportunity. Facebook advertising, in particular, can reach a vast audience in ways few other forms of promotion can. The key to tapping into this bonanza is to understand how best to use the resource and form strategies based on that knowledge. To make Facebook work for your business, organize your game plan according to the following platform principles.

Optimize Your Business Website First

Any efforts you put into creating paths to your company’s website will be insufficient if visitors come both without exploring your site further or leaving a calling card before exiting; this is crucial given the cost of forging that path via Facebook clicks. To generate a more focused interaction between you and your visitors, you need to create a simple but useful landing page. The landing page should be a place that educates visitors about your offerings, subtly directs them to provide feedback about their needs and points them to sections of your website where these needs can be addressed.

Perform Prepay Surveying

Facebook offers a service called Audience Insights. This service provides personal data on the individuals who visit your Facebook pages so that you can more effectively target your advertising before jumping in. Since advertising is expensive, both when you pay your in-house creative team and when it is employed in social media, using Audience Insights will save you money.

Further Target Ads

Once you have an idea of where you want to go with your advertising, create content that allows you to subtly tailor it to different audiences. This is especially important if you offer a service or product that can be used for different purposes. The Facebook platform allows you to place different ads that display even within your single page.

Create Images That Pop

Today’s shoppers are visually oriented as a consequence of the many hours they spend navigating the internet. Consumers do not waste time on visuals that do not immediately grab them or are aesthetically unappealing. To draw their attention to your Facebook advertising, include sophisticated, vibrant images that lead visitors to the minimal text you include. Just be certain the images are relevant to your business, in particular to the focus of the advertisement.

If your company is not incorporating Facebook in its promotional playbook, it is leaving a valuable resource on the table. You should not disregard Facebook’s massive audience reach. Even better, by getting to know the ins and outs of its advertising process you can make sure that reach effectively pulls invaluable customers.