With pay-per-click advertising, businesses design ads to get viewers to click on a link. Each time a user clicks on an ad, the company pays a small fee. These types of ads appear in search engines and social media platforms.

PPC for small business aims to obtain new visitors to the operation’s website.

This method of marketing is competitive and can be expensive. However, small organizations can succeed with smart, organized ad campaign strategies.

Create a Budget

A company should research the optimal budget planning for the desired results and then design a plan that works with its available funds.

Choose Keywords

Keyword selection is vital to a successful campaign. With PPC advertising, keywords determine how much an owner will spend. A marketer must research the keywords that have a high search volume, are relevant to the product or service, and fit the budget.

Brick and mortar operations benefit from using geographical keywords.

Detail Goals

An owner should first pinpoint the PPC for small business advertising objectives. Determine the goal of each specific ad. These might include:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Obtaining new customers
  • Getting people to call the organization
  • Bringing existing clients back to the website

Focus on Conversions

The primary focus of all marketing is to convert viewers into customers. A marketer must write ad copy with this in mind. Your ad should contain the following:

  • A headline relevant to the search words – Creating a headline that speaks directly to address the person’s pain point is considered by Google to be a more high-quality ad result.
  • A clear value proposition – This is the business’s promise to the customer. It determines whether someone will bother to find out more about the company.
  • A description of the product or service – This should use words that sell without any extra fluff.
  • Extensions that explain how the business is unique – These added features might include site links or callout extensions that differentiate an operation from its competitors.
  • A clear call-to-action – This gives the viewer a defined course of action to follow.

Test Ad Copy

A/B testing helps a company determine which ads are the most successful. This process helps interest the ideal customer and reduces the amount of money needed to get results.

Using PPC for small business success can be a great way to create new interest in a product or service. It requires ongoing management to yield the best results.