As the technological world grows, so do the various types of advertising that you can use to get your company in front of new customers. One method is known as pay-per-click, or PPC, marketing is picking up speed because it works exclusively with mobile devices and social mediums, both of which customers utilize frequently. Here are a few reasons you should step up your PPC game immediately.

Use Keywords to Find Customers

Several search engines and social media sites can display your ad in the event a potential customer enters a keyword that applies to what you are promoting. This PPC method works twice for you by using algorithms to then display this advertisement again on the consumer’s cellular device or tablet. It can remind them of your products and services and keep your company in their mind so that they will turn to you when you need them. To get involved with this type of PPC marketing, construct a marketing campaign with the social media site or search engine that you have an account with. Design an ad that is eye-catching and describes what you offer in a few brief sentences. If you need assistance with this, these companies have representatives that can walk you through the process or offer tutorials that can assist you.

Design Ads to Work With Mobile Devices

The average consumer checks their cell phone multiple times a day. When they search for a product or service that relates to your industry, your mobile ready ad will lead them to click on it and direct them to what you can provide. When you are working on this type of PPC advertising, enter your phone number so that when it is tapped on, the phone will offer to dial it for the client. You should also activate these links for your email, website, and social media pages as well.

Utilize Photos as Ads         

One particular social media platform, Pinterest, allows you to add photos to their site as clickable links. These will redirect to your website or to a place where they can contact you directly. If you choose this method of PPC marketing, take pictures that are full of vibrant colors. If you can, use ones that are professionally taken so that they are eye-catching to the consumer. Per the instructions provided by the social media site, upload these images to your page, and link them to the information that you want to provide. These photos will also appear when a potential customer searches for the keyword on a search engine.