If there is a silver lining in this crisis, it may be that the virus is forcing us to use the internet as it was always meant to be used — to connect, share information and resources, and come up with collective solutions to urgent problems.  

Have you had a Zoom conference with your friends and family yet?  We just had a wonderful birthday celebration on-line!

Our Mission

Our mission at White Cat Digital Marketing is to utilize our resources to help small and medium-sized businesses grow by implementing digital marketing strategies and tactics that work in good as well as adverse environments.  

Like you and your customers, I am spending these quarantine days at my computer in the home office with my co-worker “Chili”.  I am available to help you brainstorm ideas about navigating this crisis and developing plans to temporarily or permanently transform your business. 

Our Tips for Small Businesses

  • Be proactive.  

Use this time to brainstorm how your business can connect with prospective customers differently today and in the future.  

  • Be responsible.  

Let your employees and customers know what’s happening and how you are keeping them safe.

  • Be communicative.  

Things are changing fast so keep your customers informed of your status and current business offerings.

  • Be genuine.  

Communication that is authentic and sincere is critical to your business image.  

  • Be flexible.  

If a variation in services can be provided to comply with public health mandates it can help a small business endure.   

Consultations are Free

I am available via phone or Zoom to help you brainstorm ideas to solve your marketing questions and issues.