User Experience, or UX, is how a person feels when interacting with your system and is an important component is finding and retaining customers. UX has become a major business buzzword these days, so it is a good idea to figure out why it is important to your company, how to get started using it and how to polish it up for the best results.

Why It Is Important

Since the user experience refers to any human and device interaction, this is an important metric and design element to include in your websites, applications and desktop software. The ease of use as well as the journey the user goes on to find products and services are factors in both the experience design and how much of a return on investment you see from the interactions. For instance, if a customer can click an online advertisement and be taken directly to the product or service in the ad, then he or she will be more likely to purchase it than if the journey takes them through multiple menus and a product search.

Getting Started Using It

To get started using UX design you will first want to define the persona of the person using the software, or who has the problem you are trying to solve. You will then want to define the problem, strategize a solution, and determine the objective and features of the solution. For instance, if you are designing accounting software then your user persona can be a certified accountant, the problem can be getting the numbers from invoices into a spreadsheet. You can then create a strategy for recognizing invoice number fields, copying the numbers to the spreadsheet and offering features such as grouping clients together or sorting by the invoice date.

Polishing It Up

Once you have the solution figured out it is time to make a functionality map for the software and add wireframes for products and other visuals. This will help you know where those items go in the final steps as well as give your prototype group an idea of how the page will function once it is finished. Prototyping is one of the best ways to get feedback on user experience because you can make changes before publishing and roll out a better program.

Whether you are creating a website, a mobile app or a desktop software package, the UX design can affect the way that your customers feel about working with the product and your company. This means making sure to take the user persona and problems into account when designing.