What is it that makes a prospective customer decide to buy? Many times, distinct features and conveniences offered on the brand website can contribute to converting a casual browser into a loyal patron, including consumer habits and lifestyle.

What other key elements help persuade internet consumers to make a purchase?


If the consumer does not have a sense of trust in your company website, they will likely pass you by and move on. If your website instills a sense of consumer trust, prospective buyers are more likely to take the leap and make a purchase. How to establish trust? The best way is with customer testimonials, truthful information, and current content that demonstrates you update and maintain your site regularly.


Logic is the next element that can help convert someone into a buyer. Many elements come into play when customers are debating a purchase, and logic commands that they buy when the price suits them, there is some sort of guarantee, and the item is highly rated. These basic assurances can help foster the logical choice to make the purchase.

Aesthetic Appeal

An attractive website that puts your product or service is another way to encourage and nudge customers to buy. Aesthetic appeal of a website, as long as it doesn’t compromise security, is another fetching way to garner conversions and make the sale. How does your website look? Use only high-quality images and content to provide this element to your patrons.


Does the customer need what you sell? Focus website content on the underlying need for your product, service, or brand. If the client needs what you offer, it makes the conversion process much easier; if they don’t need it, focus some website content on creating that need and incentive to buy.

Instinct or Intuition

Finally, instinct or intuition is another reason why customers take the plunge and make purchase decisions. The best way to foster this is with transparency, honesty, and by offering a high quality good that has utility. Savvy shoppers will identify this as something they need, want, or must have- and buy what you sell.

Use these tips to help convert your prospective customers into loyal buyers. Remember these key features when designing your website to increase conversion rates and improve the overall bottom line: revenues.