Marketing to SeniorsMarketers should rethink campaigns geared towards today’s seniors; in particular, it is important to recognize they have grown increasingly comfortable using social media to connect with friends and family and are comfortable using digital technology. Assisted living communities that want to make the most of their senior living marketing should consider the following digital strategies to enhance their promotional success.

Mindset Change

While seniors may be seen as possessing more traditional mindsets than younger generations, that belief may, as a consequence, run among senior-living-facility administrators. To move forward, facility leaders should become increasingly receptive to their marketing team’s strategies for contemporary promotions.

Old and New Mix

However, moving in new directions doesn’t have to mean throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Mixing traditional and digital senior living marketing strategies would be an effective transitional move for both facility leaders and the target audience. As a senior living administrator, you can continue to run television and radio advertisements, for example, while devoting an increasing share of the budget to digital platforms.


Google’s algorithm-generated pay-per-click advertising structure provides a low-cost way to wet your feet in the digital marketing pool. The websites that internet-savvy seniors and their children visit can shape the ads that appear as they continue to browse online. If they search for assisted living information and you are engaged in this form of advertising, your message can pop up during further searches. The cost-benefit to this strategy is that you do not pay for advertising unless yours is clicked on, and at the same time your facility’s website will rank higher in search results.

An Accessible Website

When you build or update your website, design it to enable a productive, frustration-free experience, an especially important feature for senior access. One method for achieving this is to post simplified informational video content, though limit it to only one video on the homepage. Focus the homepage on providing contact information and other short introductory wording.

All businesses have to use digital strategies to reach their audiences. Senior living marketing should be no exception. If you are systematic and thoughtful in mixing established promotions with new cutting edge digital marketing, you will be certain to reach a growing audience.